Kin Capital website by Maroon Balloon

 The brief

London-based Kin Capital have individually helped raise more than £500m over the last decade for a variety of different companies and investment funds, including some of the best known names in the industry. The founders have a combined 20+ years experience in the venture capital and tax efficient industries.

When the company started up they turned to Maroon Balloon for a website. Introductory client meetings in London were very positive and a website plan was agreed. The basic requirements were for the internet presence to be easily found, look professional, clean and authoritative and enable potential investors to access offers and resources after registration.

 The solution

The basic website was a straightforward solution for us to design and build while fulfilling the client’s requirements. A bespoke customization of the WordPress platform was used, with page templates and styling hand-coded, and the WordPress user system manipulated to allow visitors to register, access premium resources, provide mandatory additional registration data and update their own details.

This was quite a learning curve at the time since the site’s user details must remain secure at all times, the registration-only resources required strict and robust access levels, and only site administrators should be able to access the backend content management system. There are inherent dangers in rewriting parts of an existing system but with some thought, careful programming and general diligence this was achieved successfully.

 The result

Kin Capital were pleased with the end product – it ticked all the boxes. Since launch we have continued to work together on further website enhancements and additions. Kin Capital themselves have taken the SEO and marketing baton and run with it, with excellent results – very impressive traffic levels – and the company is going from strength to strength.

We take care of the website and associated email accounts within our own robust UK-based hosting platform, providing excellent security, speed and uptime rates. We have an ongoing maintenance contract in place to manage updates, backups, content amends and additions, infrastructure integrity and SEO performance.

Customer feedback

“Maroon Balloon was quick to grasp our requirements and we were very pleased with the end result. However, any website needs to be maintained and developed over time. We engaged Maroon Balloon to do this for us two years ago. They have been swift and professional in implementing changes to the website as our business requirements have evolved.”

 Project details

Launch date: January 2015
Project type: Responsive website
Platform: Bespoke WordPress customization
Website URL:

Kin Capital website Opportunities page by Maroon Balloon