What does a website cost?

The price of a website depends on many things – its functionality, its design, the number of pages, integrations with third party systems and so on. It’s therefore difficult to give an ‘off the shelf’ price; a website is rarely an ‘off the shelf’ solution.

In our experience cheap solutions, like the TV-advertised ‘all in one’ self-build websites, are only cheap at first – once you factor in extra functionality, customizations, robust hosting, reliable support and quality of programming, the cost can soon rise to something you’d originally have paid a professional developer. Consider too the professional design element (or lack of) and that original bargain price can suddenly seem like money not so well spent.

Our prices take into account quality of end product and your long-term satisfaction. We won’t be the cheapest out there but with Maroon Balloon you’ll get value for money and integrity – honesty, transparency, friendly support, well-crafted web solutions and the functionality and design you require (we won’t sell you what you don’t need). Our quotes are broken down into clearly itemized jobs, each individually priced, so you can see what you’re getting for what price. We’ll also make you aware of any ongoing costs so that you can budget for your website for the long term.

We have low overheads and a very lean business model, which is reflected in our fair and honest pricing. Get in touch to chat about your requirements and to find out how much a website solution may cost for you.

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Web hosting, SSL and domain names

Definitely a case of ‘you get what you pay for’! Our hosting fees begin at £15 per month and for that you get robust and secure web hosting, some free email accounts and responsive and friendly support. When we say secure, we mean secure: the site is an ex-MOD bunker with 3 metre thick concrete walls, patrolled 24/7 and staffed by specialists that know their technical stuff inside out. The hosting is also now “100% green” eco-hosting, meaning the data centre is fully powered by renewable energy!

Yes, you can pay a fiver a month for hosting but this will likely mean you’re on a server shared with so many other websites that speeds are sluggishly slow. As you may know, Google does not like slow websites. Nor do we, nor do your customers. Our contention rates are low, meaning fast service, and your website won’t be stored alongside undesirable or insecure websites. And if your website’s size or complexity requires a higher hosting spec then we can chat scalability, specifications, PCI compliance and costs.

For additional security we also offer SSL certificates. This gives you an https address (the “s” meaning secure) and shows visitors a padlock icon next to your URL. It’s a must for e-commerce websites, for GDPR compliance and for SEO – Google has for some years chosen to ignore all non-https websites.

What our customers say

“I have had very positive feedback about the website since its launch. I would have no hesitation in recommending Maroon Balloon to anyone considering creating a new website or revamping their existing one.”

Terry Bickers, musician/artist/producer, Brighton

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