SEO services (search engine optimization)

During our 25+ years experience in all things web, we’ve naturally worked closely with many SEO providers. As with web design generally, some are good, some are not. It’s crucial that a website has a clear digital marketing strategy in place, backed by optimal SEO, otherwise potential visitors may never find it.

Following a recent SEO conference where there were keynote speeches from the likes of Microsoft and Google and expert workshops, we realised we knew a lot more than we’d appreciated. We therefore decided to formally extend our service offering to incorporate professional SEO services. As with website development, if we choose to do something we do it well.

Professional SEO auditing & ranking tools

We use industry-leading software to audit websites for optimal search engine visibility and to measure rankings and performance (SERPs) for your chosen keywords and phrases. We also research keyword usage and analyse those that your competitors are using. Coupled with our website design and building experience you can be assured that SEO is embedded within your website at every level.

Our team of experienced digital marketing and SEO experts is carefully hand-picked to meet the stringent Maroon Balloon stringent ethos of high quality output, attention to detail and openness and honesty. As we say elsewhere on our website, there’s no smoke and mirrors here and we don’t hide behind technical babble.

Why do SEO strategies often fail?

In our experience SEO agencies don’t always have sufficient website management and UX (user experience) expertise and website designers don’t always have the required SEO and digital marketing knowledge. You need someone who can do all of these things, and do them well, to ensure that your website performs well, looks good and functions fully.

That’s the crucial balance that we see failing all too often, and one of the reasons we wanted to move into providing high quality SEO services for website owners.

If your website is not performing on Google or Bing, then talk to us. We can:

  • audit your site, provide clearly itemised and costed recommendations, and implement those in-house;
  • track and analyse keyword performance to help you get to the bottom of why your site is not performing as well as it could in online searches, even suggesting new search terms to target; and
  • help you with your wider digital marketing, using our copywriting, social media and marketing experts.

Digital marketing & SEO services in Chichester, West Sussex & beyond

It’s great to work with someone local, who can talk with you face-to-face when needed. Especially when SEO and online marketing planning and implementation can get quite technical. Pop in to see us at our Chichester office, or if you’re further afield, no problem – give us a call on 07766 706049. We promise we’ll talk to you in plain English!

Clients for whom we’ve provided SEO services to date have reported great success. A Hampshire-based business communications agency that switched to us are now receiving enquiries and commissions from global household brands, a West Sussex-based ecommerce shop has seen online sales triple in a 6 month period, another is experiencing improved return on investment, a London-based HR company is seeing higher search engine rankings and increased enquiries; the list goes on.

Below you’ll find a selection of our ever-growing list of valued clients across the South East.

Alitex Greenhouses and Conservatories (Petersfield) logo
Axiom Communications (Wickham) logo
Bosham Clinic Dental (Chichester) logo
British Shintaido (Reading) logo
English Eccentrics (London) logo
FitzRoy (Petersfield) logo
Fordingbridge plc (Arundel) logo
Gatcom (Gatwick) logo
Hot Yoga Brixton (London) logo
Hounded (Portsmouth) logo
Hubble Kitchens (Chichester and Guildford) logo
Hugo and Hudson (London) logo
Kin Capital (London) logo
Kingsbridge Estates (Chichester) logo
Lewis Marquees (Emsworth) logo
Marston and Langinger (Petersfield) logo
Meyer Clinic (Chichester) logo
Osborne (Winchester and London) logo
Real Eating Company (Chichester and the South) logo
Serocor Group (Portsmouth) logo
Snappy Travels (Arundel) logo
Spring Law (Chichester, London and Gibraltar) logo
Terry Bickers (Brighton) logo
Weald and Downland Living Museum (Singleton) logo
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How to improve your organic search rankings

Around 90% of clicks through to a website are from the first page of Google (or Bing, or your preferred search engine). It’s therefore essential that you achieve high website rankings for those search terms relevant to your business, and get ahead of your competitors.

Following a full audit of your website using various professional tools, the analysis, recommendations and fixes can begin. Keyword research and targeting can then be applied, and your website optimized accordingly, page by page, term by term. A major part of this involves quality and volume of content, but also the technical behind-the-scenes web page structure, metadata, tagging, keyword placement, linking, localization and performance configuration. And we can help you identify which keywords and phrases to target.

Ongoing reporting can then be scheduled on a regular basis to monitor, analyse and improve on your search engine rankings performance. Yes it can be a minefield, but that’s why we’re here to help guide you through. We keep abreast of developments in the world of SEO (like those pesky Google algorithm updates) and work with you on a regular, long-term basis to keep your website presence up where it should be. Chat with us to find out more…

What our customers say

“To be frank I would much rather spend on working with [your SEO team] than on Google or Bing Ads.”

David, Basics Castors, West Sussex

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