SEO, lego, free beer and dinosaurs!

By 28 April 2018HQ, News, SEO
#brightonSEO conference April 2018, Brighton, Sussex

One of the challenges for small businesses, especially in the digital industry, is keeping up to date with trends and news in the fast paced world of technology. So, how do we keep up?

In our case this is things like SEO best practice, changes to search engine indexing algorithms and web development coding techniques. Magazines, blogs, techy websites and talking to colleagues and partners are helpful, but events like yesterday’s BrightonSEO go that one step further.

It’s an event we’d strongly recommend – lots of valuable presentations, Q&As and seminars with industry experts from the likes of Google, Distilled, ObanDigital, Botify, SEMrush and DeepCrawl, and a whole host of display stands from like-minded companies pushing relevant products and services. The other 3,499 attendees would probably agree!

Just to briefly go into some detail, we found the talks on HTTP/2, command line hacks for SEO and Google’s mobile-first indexing of particular use. Some really important stuff there for SEO specialists, developers, digital marketeers and web design agencies which will impact us all over the coming months.

We must add however, we felt somewhat vindicated having been pushing HTTP/2 – the new internet protocol that will affect everybody – on our website builds for the last year! But then ongoing digital learning is as much about knowing what you’re already doing well as discovering new ideas and techniques.

Here are some pics from the day, where much fun was had by our little team. If only all CPD away days could involve free-roaming dinosaurs, lego, retro gaming machines and free beer, t-shirts, socks, sunglasses and more!

#brightonSEO conference branding

#brightonSEO conference helping search marketers learn

T-Rex dinosaur at #brightonSEO conference

Crowds inside #brightonSEO conference 2018

Botify Google mobile-first talk at #brightonSEO conference 2018

T-shirts and promo marketing materials from #brightonSEO conference 2018

Lunch with Fandango Digital, Buzzword and Maroon Balloon, Brighton

Large audience for Google Q&A at #brightonSEO conference 2018

Google Q&A at #brightonSEO conference 2018