New website for architects in Worthing

Responsive WordPress website build for Worthing architecture clients

One of the great things about the website design and development work we do is that we get to work with a range of designers.

Sometimes this means collaborating with our studio buddies StudioMoo with whom we’ve worked closely for years now. Other times we self-design websites as we plan and build them, or follow a design brief provided by a third party or the client themselves. Either way, it keeps us on our toes, and that’s healthy.

This was the case recently when we were commissioned by local architectural practice Alcove Architecture, just a few miles down the road in sunny Worthing, who needed a fresh portfolio website to showcase their work. They had a clear idea of what they wanted in terms of layout, branding and design, but of course it had to be followed closely and work well as a coherent, user-friendly website. Being designers themselves, albeit of buildings rather than websites, they naturally had a carefully crafted vision.

During the process we worked closely with the client at every stage, at times challenging aspects of the design so that the end result was optimised for search engines as well as human users. Again this is healthy, crucial in fact, in achieving an end result that works for UX (user experience) as well as visually, across all responsive viewports.

Responsiveness is an absolute must these days. It means a ‘fluid’ design that adapts to the various screen sizes it can be viewed at – widescreen desktop all the way down through various tablet screen widths to smartphone. And it had to be accessible too, so that all website visitors could use the website, regardless of ability.

Alcove were happy with the result (as were we), the website launching last week: “the site looks great – we are so pleased with it!”

We’re hosting this site on our robust, award-winning green hosting platform. As a result of decent design, build and hosting, initial performance testing yielded excellent rankings, always a plus for SEO and something towards which we strive on all new website builds (search engines like fast websites).

If you need a new website or a refresh of your current online presence, or simply need to switch to a better performing hosting package, get in touch – we’ll be happy to discuss the techy stuff in plain English!