Spinning diabolo

We’re pleased to announce another website that’s just rolled off the production line. This one was for an awesome circus skills company, The Workshop Company, who run fun workshops for schools and corporate events as well as outdoor events and parties.

If you, your kids or your team ever want to learn how to juggle, spin a diabolo or walk a tightrope then check out this locally based company. You can see the website at https://www.theworkshopcompany.co.uk/.

We’re used to different sorts of juggling and plate-spinning at Maroon Balloon too, albeit of projects. Being a web design studio you inevitably end up with tricky amounts of workload at times, like when deadlines clash. But with careful project planning, some long hours and well-aimed dedication you can make it through these periods. And coffee… coffee helps too.

This website build though was a pleasure to be involved in. Small business owner Nikki was great fun to work with and we’re so pleased not just at the outcome but also that we’ve managed to restore her faith in design and web companies. She came to us somewhat disillusioned with our line of business, understandably since she’d been let down twice already with this project.

However, with some sensible pre-development phase planning, involving Nikki at every stage, we steered the project through build and testing to completion and go-live without any fuss or upsets. In Nikki’s words, it was “a totally stress-free process”. We’re proud of the finished product – an engaging and contemporary website that’s easy to use and mobile-friendly.

We look forward to working more with Nikki over the coming months, with some follow-up work already booked in for the new year.

If you need a website like this then do give us a call. We’d be pleased to tell you more about the project and to learn about your requirements, and how we might be able to help.