Today is World Photo Day

By 19 August 2016HQ, Photography
Sunset in Denver, Colorado

We love our photography and so we couldn’t let World Photo Day pass without sharing one of favourite pics.

This was taken one stormy, atmospheric evening in Denver, Colorado. Yes it’s one of those “oh another sunset” photos but it’s so moody and powerful that we love it. It did involve some precarious balancing on a narrow wall alongside one of the city’s interstate highways to get that perfect framing. The things we do for our art, eh? A bit of exposure manipulation and those foreboding clouds came out a treat. Don’t you love that control you get with a digital SLR (Canon, in this case, in case you were wondering)?

Another one to come from the archives next year, but in the meantime here’s that Denver sundown in all it’s glory:

Sunset in Denver, Colorado

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